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Many Long Island, New York homeowners are now exploring their flat roofs as options to expand their home’s usable living space more and more by adding a deck to that previously unused space. Flat roof decks are highly-advantageous in many ways. But they do require more thoughtful construction and maintenance.

Flat roofs are incredibly versatile, and many homeowners choose to transform their flat roof sections into roof decks. Depending on the home’s location and climate, a roof deck can be a fantastic addition to your Suffolk County home or building. Flat roof decks add utility, appeal and increase property value. 

Hire a reputable builder like Expressway Decks to handle the design of your roof deck. Before agreeing to any work, we will provide you with the necessary licenses and certifications, and show you samples of our past roof top deck projects.

Design choices are virtually limitless when it comes to building your flat roof deck. Choosing sustainably-sourced wood and decking is a great option for the environment and these eco-friendly decking materials hold up well against the wear and moisture. Some materials are more susceptible to water damage and warping than others in some climates, so just heed our advice if we try to steer you away from a poor choice. We will check to ensure the design you’ve selected and the materials we recommend work for you and our Suffolk County climate. 

When you work with Expressway for your custom flat roof deck, you can rest assured knowing our team members have the experience to ensure your deck doesn’t hurt the roof itself or the rest of your house. We stand by the design and quality of our work – and the building materials we use.

When you are ready for a new flat roof deck, simply fill out our ‘estimate’ form below or just call us at 631.772.7596 and we’ll design a materials list and quote for you.


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