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Composite decking boards are made out of recycled or reclaimed materials, with polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE) plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mixed with wood fiber, rice hulls or other fillers, as well as a blend of chemical additives.

Today – the ace in the hole among high-end deck contractors is capped composites. Capped composites are popular because they mimic the look of wood but require almost no maintenance at all.

Capped composite deck boards are composed of a traditional composite wood and plastic core with a durable polymer protective shell. The advantage of capped composite decking is that the PVC coating prevents mold and mildew from feeding on any organic normally fiber found in some composite materials.

Today’s composite materials perform much better than ever over time.  No longer are capped composites prone to damage from insects or the elements, and now they can’t easily be scarred from wear and tear.

Thanks to new formulations and additions – such as special capstock protecting the board – composite materials are now more resilient. A deck built with today’s composite materials is resistant to wear and tear, fading, color change and damage from the elements – even water. 

Another improvement is the tremendous variety of natural-looking colors to choose from, including many variegated tones that realistically imitate exotic hardwood grain patterns.

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