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Think of cedar decking as your pathway to natural backyard bliss. While design trends come and go, real cedar wood decking never goes out of style. Whether you’re a contractor or a Long Island homeowner, there isn’t a better backyard wood decking material to work with. We install cedar decking, cedar posts, cedar railings and balusters for a continuous cedar look and feel. 

Red cedar is known for its excellent weatherability and resistance to the elements. It’s common to see younger, second growth cedar which – if it contains more sapwood than heartwood – is slightly less resistant to the weather. But overall it’s an excellent outdoor material for patio or pool deck and is an overall beautiful decking material.

Cedar is like a cousin of redwood but is slightly less expensive. It too is becoming more scarce and so longer lengths are more expensive per foot than shorter lengths. It is a soft wood and easy to work with and is soft to the touch. Smooth-surface, tight-knot cedar decking is very easy to work with and has all the characteristics of redwood decking such as longevity and structural integrity. It also has a beautiful natural color which changes to grey after years of exposure to the sun. 

Cedar decks require regular maintenance or they will not last as long as they should. Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant, constant moisture, freezing and thawing, wet and dry conditions will age the wood. So every spring and fall you will need to clean the cedar deck and protect the deck’s surface. But with a little regular care, you will find that cedar decks can last 15 years or more depending on the care and the climate.

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